Chicco – Google Shopping Campaign

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Chicco is an Italian manufacturer of children’s clothing and baby products, operating their worldwide ecommerce store.

About the Project

An Italian manufacturer of children’s toys and clothing, Chicco has been in business since 1958 and has hundreds of stores in Italy and throughout the world.

Originally Chicco’s e-commerce store was experiencing low revenue results and a cost per conversion above the desired value.

Chicco was also experiencing difficulties in its Organic Results, being outside the first search pages results for several relevant keywords for its business.


In order to achieve better results in Chicco’s e-commerce store, it was necessary to make sure that potential customers were being exposed to the brand and its products. For that to happen, Chicco needed to be present on the first pages when users searched for Baby and Child-specific products.

Alongside the Search Engine Optimization necessary to reach better organic results, a Google Shopping Campaign was created with the intent of increasing Chicco’s online store conversions.

The main goals of this campaign were the optimization of some crucial metrics on Chicco’s online store:

  • Increasing the number of Transactions;
  • Increasing the Revenue generated by the online store;
  • Increasing the Return on Advertising Spend;
  • Decreasing the Cost per Conversion.

What We Did: Google Shopping Campaigns

A Google Shopping Campaign was created in 2018 with the intent to maximize conversions.

Chicco’s competitors also sell Chicco’s products on their online stores. That meant that it was necessary to make sure that users searching for those products would access Chicco’s store and not their competitors’.

With that in mind, the campaign targeted mothers and pregnant women searching for either Chicco products or Baby and Child-specific Products.


Comparing the performance of the Google PPC channel with the Google Shopping Campaign, to the performance of Google PPC channel without Google Shopping, we can see the following results:

  • 114.93% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) M/M;
  • 373.75% increase in clicks M/M;
  •  No Increase in average Cost Per Click;
  •  91.66% decrease in Cost Per Conversion M/M;
  • 14.15% increase in Total Online Revenue M/M.

The Google Shopping Campaign itself proved to be a success with a ROAS of 738% in December 2018. Part of this achievement is also due to the omnichannel approach and the Search Engine Optimization process that improved the landing pages’ Quality Score.