Chimp Fluencer Web Application

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The Chimp Fluencer app was created for a marketing agency and helps to send mass mail to partners and customers via a connected Gmail account.

About the Project

The application was made for a leading Austrian marketing agency for small and medium-sized companies in the German-speaking region, which offers innovative services in the areas of website creation, search marketing, and many other online marketing channels.

The Task

Our team was tasked with creating an application for bloggers that would allow tracking potential partners in the desired region or location, create automatic messages, create and operate a database, and implement mass mailings.

Bloggers are very mobile in their work and are in constant movement from place to place, which promotes in their notes and posts, in the back for this they receive discounts or free use of services or end products. Receiving such benefits, bloggers promote services end products among their followers.

About the App

The role of the Chimp Fluencer application is quite simple. A blogger buying an app creates or binds his Google account and starts work. In the app, he chooses a point of destination, as well as a prospective place of cooperation, for example, a hotel or restaurant. In the next step, the user will be offered a cover letter, which he will be able to optionally change, if necessary. The mass mailing will be carried out to all potential partners with a copy to the user’s address. In the event of a positive response from a partner, all letters will be sent to the Google mailbox of a user’s account.

Chimp Fluencer fully undertakes the work of finding potential partners and establishing initial contact, thereby saving the user from the time spent on manually compiling the database and working with it. Suitable for all bloggers who collaborate to promote hotels and restaurants around the world.