CISEx – New Website for Association of Software Exporters

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Being selected as the partner of choice to build the new CISEx website was a special honor, and with it came great responsibility.

Projects with and for IT companies are especially challenging because they require profound technical and management expertise. However, they result in great collaborations that make us extremely proud.


The main project goal was to create a new, responsive website with a simple and clean design and up to date functionality.

Members are key stakeholders of the association, so an important part of the project was creating an attractive signup form for new members and improving the visual layout of the membership listing.

The client also requested that the site content could be easily managed by the CISEx team.


A request for a modern and unique web site solution that would differentiate from numerous similar solutions was a key point of the project. Considering the deadline and limited budget, we didn’t create a specific UX nor define the UI through audience behavior and attitude research.

However, in a series of brainstorming sessions with the CISEx team, we defined the main features of the new site so a clear baseline for wireframe and user interface design was created.

Main characteristics of the solution:

  1. Clear navigation
  2. Increased conversion, in this case – inviting and motivating new members to join, using visible CTA (“call to action”) elements
  3. Expressive typography
  4. Usage of negative space to make specific objects even more expressive

The personal touch of our designer Zvonimir Dimovski was creating an asymmetric user interface with subtle graphic patterns that differentiated the user experience and made the new CISEx web unique.

As with many of our projects, the new web is based on the Drupal CMS and iSite Open solution. The Drupal platform is popular because it allows clients to manage the content of their site without the need for IT specialists and designers. Also, Drupal and iSite allow simple and fast additional upgrades or wireframe changes.

Since one of the important goals was to support simple content management and editing, we were happy to see that the CISEx team was able to easily manage the site from the start, without the need for help from Perpetuum.

Clear visual presentation of a great number of members is achieved by their alphabetical arrangement with the possibility of filtering and sorting by different criteria like company location, core activities, solutions or technologies.

The online signup form for new members has also been improved and now comes in 2 versions, one for companies and the other for individual members.

After successfully completing the project, we had a great opportunity to present the new web site to the members at the regular CISEx Friday meeting. During the brief presentation, leading project developers Alan Baudoin and Edmond Mullajupi shared with the audience the most important and interesting elements of this collaboration.