Civil Engineers Examination App

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Building a web SaaS application with examination and learning mode that helps civil engineers pass exams.

About the Client

Software as a Service — web application with examination and learning mode that helps civil engineers pass exams. ViaAmbra is a constructor engineering agency with more than 30 years of experience in roadway projects.

Project Goal: Digitize the traditional way of examination into the SaaS solution

The main goals of the project were to digitize the traditional way of the examination process and turn it into the SaaS with 2 learning and examination modes.

The web app also collects data about student’s results, in the future, it could help a constructor engineering agency to catch rising talent and offer them an internship.

The application also helps students increase their chances of passing civil constructor exams and improve their knowledge, giving them 24/7/365 access to the platform.

Our Approach: Building MVP in just 6 weeks

After the discovery phase, we started working on the project using Agile SCRUM methodology and finished the project in just 6 weeks after signing a contract.

Illustrations and minimalism helped to gain clear and user-friendly design. While the designer worked on UX and UI, the full-stack developer worked on a scalable architecture to build the first MVP and continue working on future expansion.

The application has 3 main features: payment subscription, a learning mode, and an exam simulation mode. Subscription was made with the most popular payment system in Poland — PayU.

Learning mode is to help students prepare for exams without limitation of time. The examination mode allows students to simulate exams with a timer.