Cloud-Based Predictive Software for Farmers

Elmitel Development
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Elmitel created a specialized web-based solution for Cherry growers.

About the Project

Elmitel created a specialized web-based solution that forecasts agricultural pathogens on cherries based on weather patterns.

The client based in Canada asked us to develop a software solution for cherry farmers. A software that could predict the appearance of pathogens based on weather patterns during the season and help farmers minimize losses.

The Solution

Elmitel Development team built software to assess the risk factor for particular pathogen and determine when there’s a need for spraying. Additionally, the solution is able to collect data over extended periods of time from multiple sensors that are installed in orchards. Elmitel team’s knowledge of web-development, web-based interface, IoT technologies, as well as knowledge of building software for farmers made it possible to quickly and professionally develop the solution based on client’s needs and wishes.

The Results

The application is in use by several cherry farmers in Canada, while we continue to maintain the software.2