Coca Cola’s Rani Juice

Appetite Creative
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We developed a creative strategy for customer engagement and the development of augmented reality app.

About the Project

Rani is a famous brand of fruit-based beverages manufactured by Coca-Cola company. Since the main group of clients is young people, Coca-Cola was looking for an innovative solution to increase brand awareness and boost sales of “Rani float”. As Appetite Creative had a successful experience with customer engagement, we took the project of Coca-Cola.


The main challenge was to attract and keep the attention of the people under 26. Therefore, Appetite Creative decided to plan mixed digital and offline promotion. It consisted of adding QR code to each can of “Rani”, development of augmented reality app and spreading information around social media.


We created an augmented reality app with a modern design that collected user information and was helpful in identifying of each can sold.