Coliminder IoT Product

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The client came to us with an industrial-grade microbiological water quality monitoring system called ColiMinder.

Project Scope

The client came to us with an industrial-grade microbiological water quality monitoring system called ColiMinder. Because of the system’s complexity, most of the devices are still maintained by the client’s support team.

We were hired to create a user-friendly web application that would turn ColiMinder’s hardware into a market-ready product and help the support team to maintain the system.


Big batches of raw data. ColiMinder collects data on more than 40 water-specific parameters, each one has its own variations. Altogether, it adds up to a vast data layer that updates every 10 seconds.

Complex telemetry system. ColiMinder also has a telemetry system. The information from the telemetry system has been provided by the middleware in the form of machine codes. Before we started, these codes were understandable only by the R&D team.

No standardized working procedure. Each time ColiMinder is sold it should be adapted to the working environment. We’ve got to develop a device management area from where it would be easy to modify microbial samples it will collect


  • Real-Time Device Monitoring. Collecting live data from up to 100 devices
  • Geolocation. Usually, there are up to 20 devices under admin control and it’s hard to keep in mind the exact location of each of them. We created a dedicated tab for an interactive map that helps the support team to locate a problem or water contamination source and quickly fix it.
  • Device Management. From here admins can connect new devices to the app, add reagents that are used by ColiMinder, and grant access to specific users.
  • Data Processing & Analytics. Some of the devices are located in remote areas hardly accessible by people. The web app serves as a remote interface that supplies customers with water data they need. For that purpose, we’ve created a powerful back end. It processes metrics from a centralized database into comprehensive analytics.
  • Role-based Access Control System. Along with the main functionality, we have developed several features for better control of devices, e.g., permission control.
  • Custom Notification Center. This part of the software was specifically developed to communicate with ColiMinder’s telemetry system.
  • Additional Features like a Help Center and a Localisation Module to help deal with the system’s complexity and localize the app for local markets as the user base grows.

Technology Stack

  • Java
  • MongoDB
  • AngularJS + Angular Material
  • Docker


We successfully delivered the ColiMinder web app in four months. The app is being gradually integrated into the existing network. It is expected to be fully adopted by ColiMinder team within three months after development. As for us, our client was completely satisfied with the quality of development. They hired us to maintain existing product and asked us to develop additional functionality for the app.