Common Ground Philippines

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The fast-growing coworking space from Malaysia launches in the Philippines. Overtaking Asia in a storm!


Common Ground is Malaysia’s largest leading coworking space that prides itself on not just being a communal workspace but building a sustainable and integrated coworking community. From the modern, stylish offices to an extensive range of support services and events, they have designed the workspaces and amenities that aim to build a vibrant living and working community to help you get business done. Better.


Common Ground is seeking to enter the Philippines market but they have struggled to use the same techniques that had been previously successful in Malaysia.

We had to determine the individuals who are interested in design and community and figure out why they would pay a premium price to work in the more modern and minimalistic surroundings instead of sitting in a cheap but tight and ugly cubicle.


We went through a 2-day consulting session with the local Common Ground and Malaysian team to determine users, competitors, core values, and other values of the “CG” brand.

After finalizing the strategy deck for them, we made sure that all digital templates were ready and kicked off the inbound marketing campaign with the support of Hubspot. We created a wide funnel offer, based on content such as blogs, tips & tricks, community meetups and more.

We wanted Common Ground Philippines to become an open brand that everyone feels like they’re a part of it and don’t feel like they’ve been forced to buy a desk.  We wanted to build a strong community that supports everyone in personal and business topics.


We had massive success with Common Ground, and we are already expanding together. The vibe of both teams is very similar and meant we could easily understand Common Ground’s values and work well together. We are aware which people are a good fit to join our community.

Basing on the most recent customer reviews of CG’s customers, everyone is very satisfied with the location, amenities and staff, but we will never stop improving together.

Common Ground and Gohan Concepts are a very good fit, not just for the business but also we have the same mindset when it comes to goals in life!