Complex Solution for High-Volume Production Machines

Blackthorn Vision
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The software for dedicated high-volume production machines for wire forms and sheet metal stampings.

This so allows the control of machines, modification of execution programs, and changing the machines’ motor position. In addition to this, it enables users to create a program from scratch and/or modify the existing ones, and then run it on the machine.

The application displays the current state of the machine and alarms if they are present.


  •  Automatic interference/collision detection: by avoiding collisions you avoid costly downtime
  •  Self-correction for interference-free machining: it is necessary to read the tool geometry file
  •  Simulation of machining cycle time: the speed is defined and decided by the user
  •  Possibility to create own program.


  • .Net/C#
  • WPF
  • Telerik


  • A new style of interface
  • New keyboard
  • Flexible controls
  • Undo/redo functionality of the main grid
  • Copy/paste functionality of the main grid
  • Generation of G-code from temporary grids
  • Hidden/shown columns depending on the user’s configuration.

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