Corporate Identity Design for Natural Health Practice

Munch Studio
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Visual identity and brand collateral for natural health clinic based in London, UK.

Project Overview

Jenelle Natural Health is a private clinic promoting wellbeing with a combination of acupressure, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine and laboratory testing.

The client’s brief was to create a brand identity that echoed the philosophy of the clinic—”to take an integrative approach to patients’ health, using a medical scientific application regarding patient assessment and analysis, but use natural remedies to help them attain and maintain good health”.


With that in mind, we sought to embrace both clinical and natural health aspects of the facility and crafted a memorable identity that conveys the holistic approach used by the practitioner.

The inspiration for the logo icon came from the caduceus—a widely recognised symbol of medicine—which was paired with a serif wordmark. Our mission was to create a coherent identity with a visual expression that projects trust and confidence while differing from its competitors.

The chosen palette colours are golden and purple which reinforce the historic ties of natural medicine and ancient health practices and promote the idea of knowledge and professionalism. These confident shades also help the client differentiate itself with other wellbeing businesses which usually adopt softer pastel colours.

The visual elements are balanced out with clean typography and layout which projects the professionalism that every patient can expect to encounter at the health facility.

In addition to the new identity, we also developed the clinic’s printed collateral and various marketing aids.


The outcome of the project is a clean, trustworthy visual identity with a unified stationery system and a suite of brand collateral that conveys the clinic’s authentic personality. Project deliverables included the clinic logo, stationery, patient forms, website, signage and advertising material such as posters, leaflets and social media content.