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In Coursely you can enjoy a rich world of content from lecturers, entrepreneurs and business owners who help you improve!


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What Was the Need

Online education is becoming more and more popular nowadays. And our customer form Israel decided to create a platform with education courses. Coursely is an online platform for teachers and students. Teachers can post their training courses on various topics so students can search for an interesting course and take it. For participating in the course student has to pay for it and then get full access to the course material and complete it.

Who Is the Client

Our client is Ori Levi – Israeli businessman, founder, and CEO of a premium crypto marketing agency – Block51.

Business Idea Evaluation

The client has created an Israeli platform where lots of educational courses are presented and divided into categories. The aim is to attract as many Israeli tutors as possible and create a community where users would follow tutors and join their courses, communicate directly via the website.

The description of the stages of development, the challenges, solutions for the challenges, new skills we have acquired, its value for us

This project we did not develop from the very beginning. It was transferred to our team after the unsuccessful experience of the Indian company. The customer wanted to make a new Front end and Design but leave the backend which was made earlier.


  1. Superadmin – this user type can manage all profiles information, deny access to users and tutors for unacceptable or illegal content
  2. Tutor – has a possibility to upload video courses and descriptions to them, as well as view statistics about their activities on the platform.
  3. User – can fill personal data, see all courses and tutor pages, view the blog and influence the tutors’ ratings.

Course Categories

For convenience, all courses are divided into thematic categories, visually implemented in the form of blocks. This allows the user not only to navigate through his educational preferences but also to get acquainted with tutors and other like-minded practitioners.

As a result of having the advisory section new tutors have the opportunity to express themselves and monetize their knowledge in real earnings.

Top Courses Calculation

The most popular courses were agreed to be allocated in a specific category – Top Courses.

Mr. Levi suggested the following calculation of courses priority:

  • A number of minutes of course video watching;
  • A number of people that have joined the course;
  • A rate.

Time Tracker Toolbar

If a user chooses an option of free 30 min video watching, he is being notified about the amount of free time left.

Subscription Model

There are 3 ways to use benefits of Coursely:

  • Trial

After 30 min free trial has been finished a user gets a pop up where he an option:

  • to pay 5$ and have unlimited access for 2 weeks, after the confirmation – the payment card verification pop up appears where a user has to insert his card number, expiration month/year and CVV.
  • to share a course page on facebook and get another 30 free minutes – a user will see facebook login popup and then a window with a new facebook message on his page (with inserted redirect link).

When new 30 min has been finished a user will get a new pop up with the only first option – 5$ payment.

There are 2 types of access available depending on the time period:

  • Unlimited access for 2 weeks for 5$;
  • Unlimited access for a month.

In both cases, a user will see the payment card verification pop up, where he must insert his card credentials.

Payment Integration

The platform has integrations for the users to pay by credit card and PayPal.

At the beginning of each month, payment for using the platform will be pulled from the linked account, part of which will be sent as a payment for courses to tutors, who appear in the “viewed” from users dashboard.

It is also possible to purchase a trial two-week access to the service for review.

Also, there is an opportunity to use the coupon as partial or full payment for using the system.


Coursely needed to be designed around the high-level learning objectives mapped out in the user research stage. Once the team has identified these objectives, we started to sketch out the main layout of the e-learning space.


We implemented UI/UX testing:

To reduce risk. Reducing the risk of failure increases the chances for your product to succeed.

To reduce cost. Investing in testing with users ensures that issues get caught sooner, good ideas are introduced faster and unnecessary product design and development efforts are reduced.

To make the product better. Creating user-centric, award-winning UX typically involves testing.


Our team ensures the sustainability of the project after release, and is also ready to be fully involved in improving adaptability to changes in business processes.

Main Value

The main value of this project is the ability to aggregate all Hebrew-speaking specialists at one platform as well as to spread the knowledge.

Our Technologies

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • Laravel