Crafterz — NFT and Metaverse Agency

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Crafterz is an agency specialized in NFT and Metaverse. We created the ebusiness concept and branding, and still provide programming services.

The Concept

Crafterz was the first specialized NFT and Metaverse Agency in México. The concept is to find a business point in between the real world and the virtual world.

The Challenge

Create a new ebusiness business model that allows different brands to enter the virtual world through digital strategies: NFT and Metaverse.

The Solution

A new agency specialized in NFT and Metaverse was created.

The Result

We created the ebusiness concept, which has benefited different clients in different industries by generating new ways of doing business.

We still work with them hand by hand in creating new strategies for each of their clients, and providing programming and design services as needed. Different collections of specific NFTs have been created to achieve the objectives of each business.


WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Crypto, Design and Programming services