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Craviors: a Philippines-based meal kit ordering and delivery marketplace built with Yo!Meals, a leading product of FATbit.

About Craviors

Craviors, a meal-kit delivery website was basically an initiative made by Joanna to turn around the lives of the Filipino food artisans. The vision behind Craviors is that every cook is an artist, their kitchen is a stage and they deserve to show their talents to the public. The belief is that every meal can be crafted and prepared beautifully in home kitchens and enjoyed hot and fresh. Craviors is easy to use and convenient. It enables the best ingredients delivered at your doorstep allowing a foodnatic to cook the most delicious meals at home.

Every artist has a uniqueness; similarly, every cook has a typical way of cooking. Every meal has a peculiar taste and this essence results in a unique experience. Craviours provides a stage for all the Filipino food artisans to display their talents in the form of delicious home-cooked meals, with no extra money or brick and mortar business.

Amidst the rising population in the Philippines cities, a need to find a solution for the increasing unemployment was required. A meal kit delivery service provided a platform for chefs to cook at their home kitchens and deliver meals to hyper-local customers. It provided the amalgamation of a restaurant-like food and the hygiene of a home-cooked meal. Yo!Meals, an integrated meal-kit delivery service, is the result of the collaboration of team Craviors with the cross-functional team at FATbit technologies creating a solution, hitting the sweet spot of customers, who do not have time to shop.

The Problem

Craviours required a platform that would be a blend of e-commerce and food delivery services, catering to the needs of Gen-zers and working people. The reasons which led to the emergence of Craviors, the meal-kit ordering and delivery marketplace are listed below.

To cater to the needs of the rising population

In order to serve the increasing population in major cities in the Philippines, the need for a meal-kit delivery solution became imperative. It gave a sense of independence to the unemployed cooks.

To inculcate better and healthier eating habits in centennials.

With increased awareness, the youth are adopting better and healthier eating habits. A home-cooked meal with fresh ingredients is the most hygienic and healthiest option for health-conscious Gen-Zers.

Assisting home-cooked meals

Cooking at home can be tedious, as it is not easy to collect the right ingredients required for cooking a perfect meal. A meal kit delivery solution serves assistance by delivering ingredients at customer’s doorstep.

Catering an increased number of working people

The working centennial population, though interested in hygienic and healthy food, has very little time to cook. A meal kit saves you the time to arrange particular ingredients.

Minimizing wastage by delivering well-proportioned ingredients

Meal-specific ingredients are always available in large proportions if bought from a regular store. It leads to the expiration of stored foods and customers end up wasting more than required. A meal kit provides well-proportioned ingredients at the customer’s doorstep, avoiding any wastage.

The Solution

For the above requirements, they approached FATbit. Their business idea revolved around creating a marketplace where Filipino food artisans can deliver ready-to-cook meals that are not only tasty but also in alignment with the healthy food habits of southeast Asian country’s younger working class.

Extensive features

Craviours provides various features which make it a very user-friendly software, providing a seamless ordering and delivery experience.

Slot Availability Alerts

Instant notifications are sent once a slot is available with the desired chef.

Tax Management

The dashboard provides flexibility to the admin to manually define the tax percentage to be charged to the customer.

Cancellation Module

This module makes it easy to cancel orders and get refunds, making it easy to manage for delivery partners.

Google Maps

Customers are likely to keep track of their order, and google maps make it easy for them to receive a time-effective and efficient delivery.


For secure payment and transactions, Craviors is equipped with an E-wallet. It makes it possible for the customer to have hassle-free and single-touch transactions.

Meal-Catalog Management

It has a well-defined meal catalog for customers to get a variety of meal kits and prepared meals to choose from.

Intelligent Search

This feature helps in speeding up the search process by retaining the searches made by the customer.

Localization Setting

This feature helps in reaching out to chefs in the vicinity and listing meal kits accordingly.

Review and ratings

Admin can easily connect with customers and cater to them in a better way.


Multiple Languages allow to widen the customer base.


It allows bidirectional communication between customers and chefs in order to provide efficient management.

Craviors – Business Model

Craviors is a marketplace, providing a platform for multiple individuals, especially homemakers with a single kitchen and no stores, catering to users in the vicinity through It is based on the cloud kitchen model.

How FATbit (Yo!Meals) Helped

The project went through the following key phases:

Phase 1 (Design)

Phase 2 (Development)

Phase 3 (Testing)

Phase 4 (SEO)

Phase 5 (Deployment)

Technologies used

The technologies used to design the final product, meeting all the requirements have been listed below.

  • FATbit Framework:
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Ajax
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • IonCube Loader

Summary of the custom-work

To summarize the development of Craviors Meal Delivery, the final website is a product of a number of iterations with emphasis on the front end as well as backend design. The main purpose was to provide all the major features in the website along with a user-friendly GUI in order to enhance customer satisfaction.