Creating a Patient-Oriented Platform for Nova Vita

Steelkiwi Inc.
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A healthcare workflow automation system for a medical care center.

Our Client’s Request

Nikola Ninković, an IT consultant, was looking for a healthcare software development partner to help build a website and mobile applications for a relatively small healthcare center, Nova Vita, where he was working on a contract.

Nikola asked us to implement an electronic document flow for the center and build a new customer relationship management/enterprise resource planning (CRM/ERP) system. This new system would allow the center’s staff to manage their schedules as well as patient appointments, create patient accounts, and communicate with patients all through one admin panel.


The intersection of medicine and information technology is inevitable. To prepare for this future, the European Commission adopted its eHealth Action Plan 2012–2020, which aims to redesign healthcare delivery. One component of the eHealth plan is an electronic record system that makes health-related data easy to retrieve. By creating a personal account in an eHealth system, patients can conveniently and securely store data about doctor’s visits, prescriptions, scheduled appointments, and more.

Analyzed Business Processes

We built this product from the ground up. To understand the healthcare center’s workflow, we analyzed all possible interactions among staff at the center, doctors and patients, and the document flow to make sure we reconstructed all connections in the digital space.

Designed the UI/UX

Our UX/UI team designed a unique interface for both patients and staff. We created more than 300 screens to fulfil all our user stories.

We developed a convenient system for managing visits that enables patients to view their appointment history, set reminders, and chat with the doctor in charge.

We built an informative service that’s compliant with Data Protection Directive 1995/46/EC and e-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC, making sure that healthcare data is encrypted at all stages.

Selected the Best Technologies

We created two big modules: Django and Node.js. Django is responsible for the main part of the site and app communication, authentication, user management, and file handling. The Node.js module is responsible for chats and notifications.

We used Amazon encrypted storage and secure, signed URLs for files. The service is based on Amazon S3 file storage, which is configured to store encrypted files. Even if stolen, these encrypted files can’t be read. They can only be accessed via a secure connection with a signed URL that has a limited access time.

Implemented Features

  • Online booking
  • Authorization
  • Electronic records
  • Online chat
  • Multi-layer notification system