Custom-Built Digital Marketing Platform

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custom-built digital marketing platform displayed on macbook template cover

The product is an online marketing platform that helps its users manage all of their social media accounts at the same time.

The Client

The client is a digital marketing agency from Santa Monica. They create and execute digital strategies that engage people with a consistent brand message. They distribute a lot of online content on a daily basis across multiple devices and platforms. The client was looking for experienced software developers in order to create their own innovative collective marketing platform for fast content distribution and data tracking.

The Project

We took over the project from another software development company that couldn’t consistently meet the client’s quality standards. In a few weeks, we managed to reduce coding errors by 97.5%. After we finished code refactoring, we started implementing all of the owner’s creative ideas and new features that seemed out of reach before. One of these features was machine learning, which helps influencers create extraordinary content by providing them with valuable insight into the best trending topics.

The Solution

Today, the online marketing tool helps its users manage all of their social media accounts at the same time, thanks to social media API integration. You can post on multiple platforms with one click, organize, or schedule your posts and much more.

The platform helps business users turn their whole team into influencers and company evangelists. It uses a comprehensive content creation, distribution, and data analytics system to make it easier for everyone to share the right content. There is also an influencer rewarding system that encourages employees to spread the company message.

Client Growth

Thanks to their new platform, the digital marketing team will be able to save time on content creation and distribution, while also helping other businesses do the same. They can also track and analyze all the necessary data to further perfect their content strategies in the future.

This, together with the smooth and user-friendly design will turn the final product into a highly competitive and profitable SaaS content marketing solution on the market.

All of this will help the digital agency to optimize their processes, making room to expand their list of services, reduce costs and grow the company even further.