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Custom-Built E-Commerce Platform for a Californian Membrane Filter Wholesale Business

RabIT software engineering
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The product is a webshop solution that allows users to request unique quotes for a selected list of membrane filters from a large number of suppliers.

The Client

AquaQuote is a membrane filter wholesale business from San Diego, California. Their buyers usually order products in huge quantities. This is why they needed a faster and more transparent way to manage these orders, and prepare unique quotes for each customer.

The Project

The company had already started developing their first MVP version, but they were unsatisfied with the code quality provided by their current development partner from San Diego. This is why they started searching for a new team, and finally tasked us with developing their solution. First, we had to evaluate the existing code base, and decide whether to start over development from scratch, or salvage from it as much as possible and move forward from there. We finally decided to keep some of the existing code, do the necessary refactoring work and develop the remaining features in order to get the working MVP on the market as fast as possible (without sacrificing quality).

The Solution

The product is a webshop solution that allows users to compile a custom list of membrane filters from a large number of suppliers, then request a unique quote for their order from AquaQuote. The tech stack included ReactJS, Angular 6 for front-end and Go (or Golang) for back-end development.

Client Growth

Their new MVP will allow AquaQuote to gather valuable early feedback from actual users. This will help them identify which are the key existing features, and what new features should be added in order to satisfy their clients’ needs perfectly. A flawlessly functioning minimum viable product will also help AquaQuote demonstrate to investors the value they can offer future clients, and secure their first round of funding.