Custom CRM: From Idea to Stable Product

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Elixirator developed a complex software solution to digitalize daily operations, sales and reporting for a European Energy brokerage company.

Initial Challenges and Objectives

Elixirator developed a software solution to address the client’s needs: create a system, that would cover daily procedures, eliminate paper reporting, automate notifications, schedules, price bidding, best-deal-offer generations, track deals, log all communication with customers and specific requests


Created custom-designed UX/UI, developed complex CRM with several permission layers, event-tracking, calling tools integrations, customizable settings per each country (energy units, currencies, values, prices, etc).


  • MVP built within 1 month
  • Live since 2016
  • 3 Countries, 3 servers, 3 databases, 1 shared codebase
  • 80 000 + deals served
  • 98% test coverage
  • 99.99% uptime