Outly Mobile App: Custom Development & Design

Spire Digital
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A custom application for a company in the outdoor industry.

Less Time Hunting for Your Next Hunting Spot

The paradox of choice. It’s the problem with most outdoor apps. The menu of where to go can be overwhelming, reflecting the vastness of mother nature. In your search, you may find yourself scanning hundreds of pages of content to zero in on the right destination. Many apps attempt to simplify decision-making for the user by featuring the most popular trails or destinations. But this puts further strain on these already highly-trafficked areas.

It’s against this landscape that a small group of defense contractors came to Spire Digital with an idea for a better outdoor app — one that would turn the search process on its head. Instead of spending countless hours hunting around for that perfect place to go, why not just input your preferences, and then get real-time recommendations through a map-based interface? For example, if you’d like to boat-in to a campsite in Utah’s Canyonlands, the app — aptly called Outly — could instantaneously plot your best options, showing you exactly where to go.

Understanding the need for the app, we partnered with the team, which goes by the name Outside Analytics, to design, build, and launch this disruptive app.

Traveling Light & Fast

Spire’s solution architects worked beside the Outly GIS specialists to turn the team’s vision into a minimum viable product (MVP). In just 4 months, we turned around a feature-rich responsive mobile app and website.

Our team evaluated every feature, considering the value each would provide to Outly’s future customers and early evangelists. Spire helped train and onboard Outly’s internal development team, while quickly prototyping solutions. Together, we developed features to enhance and personalize users’ ability to plan and explore the great outdoors. In order to meet quick deadlines, we allocated a full team to the project including a Product Manager, Business Analyst, User Experience Designer, Frontend Developer, Fullstack Developer, and a pair of Backend Developers.

More Features than a Swiss Army Knife

Our team of expert custom software developers and designers worked under tight deadlines to produce a feature-rich experience, on time and under budget.

  • The app controls and delineates 30+ layers of data on a map, providing the user with a simple yet engaging experience for outdoor adventures
  • Hunt unit and animal migration data by state and species are intuitively displayed
  • Users are able to share points, maps, and routes
  • A community trip planning feature brings users together
  • Users can download to GPX for offline use

The Sky’s the Limit

In partnership with Outside Analytics’ visionary founders, our team developed a world-class product with industry leading UX. It’s a product that we take pride in using for our own adventures. And we know we’re not alone. After all, Outly is catching fire with investors, acquiring a massive user base, and even attracting the attention of the military for custom implementations.