Customer Billing Portal for a Large UK Water Supplier

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We were challenged with providing live asset monitoring within a full billing portal, which transforms the way customers view their billing data.

The Challenge

In a changing industry, where the commercial Water market has been opened up in the same way as Gas & Electricity, Water Plus required a way to distinguish themselves from others. The water industry competition is driven by tiny margins, so value-added services are of the utmost importance. Water Plus approached Shoothill to develop a billing portal for all of its corporate customers as well as flood and weather risk asset monitoring.

Our Solution

We developed the My Account Plus Portal, where all WaterPlus corporate customers can access their current and historic bills. As well as downloading their bills, we provide users with a set of dashboards, for their accounts and individual sites. This gives the users a quick and easy way to access all of the key information from their bill, including breakdowns of their key usage and cost data.

All of Water Plus’ customers also benefited from asset monitoring, if one an accounts assets became at risk of flooding or extreme weather, then the relevant person in the organisation would be alerted to it.


The project was incredibly successful, with Shoothill delivering key features on time to Water Plus. Customer data is now automatically imported daily for all corporate customers, providing easy access to their billing. The system has worked flawlessly, checking daily for the latest bills and delivering an accurate, in-depth breakdown of the key figures.