Cyber Security

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Cyber Security is a project for monitoring and preventing various types of cyber threats.

Cyber Security is a project for monitoring and preventing various types of cyber threats. Sensors installed on the computer monitor user activity and show all the attacks performed.


  • Real-time detection of network security threats
  • The opportunity to investigate threats details
  • Carrying out a special search for threats
  • The possibility of turning threats into incidents
  • Incident viewing and management

Development Process

First of all, the main stages were defined:

  • Process large data stream
  • Complex, futuristic interface design
  • Performing animation and complex typesetting

Large Data Management

The project involved more than 20 services with individual APIs. That is why one of the difficulties on the stage was providing a search.

We were dealing with lots of services, getting the required data or excluding duplicates. Since all the information comes from numerous services, our developers have done a lot of work with data filtering to eliminate duplication. Thus, for convenient operation, all services were divided into modules. It was decided that ElasticSearch should be used to centralize all the information as the system allows to process and obtain data in a more simple way.

All operations conducted let users enter IP, URL, Domain, Hash and so on, to get the necessary information. You are also able to check what cyber threats are planned or committed on your IP, URL, Domain, Hash and so one in the DarkWeb: if your data s being mentioned you get a notification immediately. Besides, a specific file uploaded to the site can be checked for malware.

Creating a Futuristic and Hyper Interactive Interface

The main requirement was to create an interactive platform that would resemble a dashboard for spacecraft control. Before coming to the final result the client was offered plenty of options. Being inspired by films about the Iron Man and the Tron we made a decision to ensure a dark and light color scheme with images in the futuristic style.

The main page center depicts two interactive circles showing incidents from different modules, the location of each alert and other details.

Performing Animation and Complex Typesetting

A really grandiose work has been completed in the third step. Many libraries have been tried to implement such a complex layout. A team of three front-end developers was looking for a solution to satisfy the client with a visual component and achieve a smooth website operation simultaneously.

The best solution offered by our team was to use Canvas for complex animations as well as React, D3.js, and other js frameworks for the typesetting.

In order to avoid the feeling of slow loading of the page, it was decided to use visual animation, which loads the site in a futuristic style until all the data comes from the API.


  • A Unique futuristic design
  • Features that show all necessary information about the incident including all the subtlety
  • Automated data population and real-time graphics
  • Multi-tenancy so users can only see their own data



PHP: Laravel, Python


React D3.js, Chart js, Canvas, SVG, tree.js