Daily Disco – Design Case Study

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Taking inspiration from Daily Disco’s popular Instagram, and the custom embroidery, we developed a color palette best described as a “fiesta.”

About the Project

Daily Disco is a funky, sweet jacket embroidery and enamel pin shop owned by designer Abbey Eilermann. Abbey uses a chain stitch sewing machine from the 1800’s to create bright custom jacket designs.


Abbey was running her ecommerce business through a combination of Etsy to sell her products and a personal WordPress blog to share DIY’s and recipes. While it was working well enough for the sale of her enamel pins, she wanted a better way to sell her custom embroidered jackets and bring her blog and storefront together in the same environment. She also wanted a chance to and a website that truly expressed her company. Our goals were to create an easy e-commerce experience for Abbey’s growing business and a website that expressed the tremendous amount of fun and sass that Daily Disco fans have come to love.


Taking inspiration from Daily Disco’s extremely popular Instagram account, as well as the custom embroidery, we pulled together a color palette best described as a “fiesta.” It included a hot pink used in Daily Disco’s new logo, as well as green, aqua blue, yellow, and red.

To capture the bold and sweet nature of Daily Disco, we paired two fonts together: a thick san serif called Proxima Nova and a curly, handwritten font called Quimby Mayoral. We also developed several hand-drawn patterns to be used across the site for texture and interest.

Design Made Fun

We wanted everything about the shopping process to be fun. This led us to explore a non-traditional grid where products were laid out on cards in a diagonal scrolling pattern down the page. When you hover over a product, it releases what we call “confetti” or little icons and a big, fun word that represents that product.

We also designed custom icons to represent the categories of her blog. With bright colors and a clean illustration style, these added a pop of fun to an otherwise functional piece.