DART: Communications, Public Relations and Digital Marketing

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We consulted the government of Tanzania agency, Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (DART) on matters related to Public Relations and Digital Marketing.


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a bus-based mass transit system that essentially follows the performance and characteristics of a modern rail-based transit system but at a fraction of the cost. It consists of a corridor of exclusive and segregated lanes, high capacity articulated buses and high-performance boarding with a central platform for level boarding and largely closed stations that allow fare payment outside the trunk vehicles. The proposed system can reach average speeds of 25km/h.

The Work

  • To develop Corporate guidelines for using social media in line with best practices for corporate entities.
  • Preparing and maintaining a social media calendar in coordination with the DART Agency’s Public Relations Manager.
  • Training DART Agency’s communications staff in social media best practice.
  • Working closely with Public Relations Manager and other communications staff in conceptualizing and commissioning specific content to be shared on social media channels.
  • Proposing ways in which to market new social media channels.
  • Identifying relevant digital social external platforms and partners with whom to cross-promote content.
  • Monitoring external blogs and social networks discussing the BRT in Tanzania and providing analysis of content in order to inform Communications work and responses.
  • Identifying opportunities for Agency’s staff, including senior management, to engage with youth and other digital audiences.
  • Developing ideas of social media campaigns to support the launch phase of these channels, including demonstrating how success in achieving them will be measured.
  • Monitoring and analyzing social media metrics, establishing key performance indicators and sharing results and recommendations with the Agency’s management and staff.
  • Staying on the cutting edge of developments in the social media space, monitoring trends and determining how the DART Agency can leverage trends as part of its
    communications strategy.
  • Engaging in user research and determining audience needs; acting on audience feedback.