Data Intelligence and Practice Tracking Reporting Platform for Golfers

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Data visualization powered reporting platform for users of the app to review PGA golf player performance of practice & tournament gameplay.

UpGame is a data intelligence and practice tracking platform for golfers. The tool allows golfers to keep game data in an easy and efficient manner. It also allows golfers to build better connectivity with their coaches by sharing game data, text and swing videos. Used by PGA and European Tour Winners.

What did UpGame need?

Upgame wanted a cloud platform that performed massive data crunching of player gameplay data and showcase statistical data in the form rich graphical user interface on a web app.

Our Approach

Airrchip worked as a co-innovator to design and develop the rich visual experiences that involved bespoke graphical interface dashboards for reviewing statistical data.

Through our cloud-first strategy, we developed the platform using multiple AWS cloud services such as Cognito, Lambda, Athena, Aurora, Amplify, Dynamodb & Ec2.

We developed GraphQL Apis and integrated it into the front-end using React JS and a variety of open-source graph libraries and massive customization to cater to the visual design of the dashboards.

Users were able to export the basic and pro reports in PDF formats of both individual and team to track golfer gameplay data.


1. Increase in golfer player engagement with deeper insights of gameplay data

2. Signed up more golf coaches, golf clubs and golf associations as users of the platform

3. Easy to use platform for reviewing the player performance on a daily basis