Data Warehouse Application Development (Transportation Industry)

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The client is a multinational company (MNC), headquartered in the USA and is manufacturing Yacht, Boat, Ferry and Steamship equipments, parts etc.

About the Customer

The client is a multinational company (MNC), headquartered in the USA and is manufacturing Yacht, Boat, Ferry and Steamship equipment, parts, etc. The client has a presence in over 25 countries and their company serve to nearly 1,200 boat and ship parts and equipment dealerships as well as manufacturers. The client has boat, yacht, ferry, and steamship equipment depot facilities across the globe that store and repair ship-related equipment for some of the largest boat and ship manufacturing companies in the world. What they lacked at that point was a robust Data Warehouse Application to handle their customer’s repair orders.

The Challenge (Data Warehouse Application for Transportation Industry)

The client’s boat, yacht, ferry, and steamship equipment depot management had multiple challenges. They were struggling to effectively share information across their globally located facilities. Their existing data warehouse management application was not equipped to provide the right information about equipment availability or accurate repair estimates to their customers. The client wanted to build a Data Warehouse Application that would provide their customers with an easy to use interface that would allow them to not only view equipment availability but also approve repairs and create bookings etc. The client selected CredibleSoft, a reputed data warehouse development service provider, to build their enterprise software application.

Solution Provided by CredibleSoft’s .NET Enterprise Software Development Team

The Data Warehouse software was meant to automate equipment tracking, depot management, and customer handling. Our expert team of certified .Net architects and programmers worked together with the client to build a robust data warehouse enterprise application that facilitated their depot’s customers to use the new depot management system via a secure Internet connection.

Via this application, each storage activity was correctly captured in real-time. This was done by using a hand-held device that captured images and sent them to a live database via a 802.11 b connection. This new data warehouse application also generated repair estimates on the hand-held device. The repair estimates were then forwarded and stored in the database via an 802.11 connection.

Once the repair job was created and stored in the database, the depot’s client was electronically notified via a scheduled job. Thus the depot’s client could view that a repair estimate was created for a particular unit. The repair job approval or disapproval was then possible via the application interface. This way, the new system could save days in the repair estimation process. The new application is also capable of sending hourly data updates to its customers so they can track the progress of the repair job. This is essentially a business-to-business (B2B) application that has drastically increased labor efficiencies and resulted in better customer satisfaction.

The End Result

At the end, the customer was able to dramatically improve their repair estimation process, the accuracy of those estimates, the speed of customer approvals and higher sales via this new data warehouse application that we built. This data warehouse depot management application became a successful value addition to their business that cater to the steamship industry. The application has since then been introduced at all of their equipment depots all over the globe.

Technology Stack and Tools That Were Used

Microsoft .NET Platform, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server CE, WIN CE 3.0, Embedded Visual C++