Deliveright Delivery Software Solution

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The world’s most advanced white glove delivery network.

Project Description

Deliveright is a unique logistics company that successfully implemented a technological solution in the logistics industry and keeps building technological platforms to provide the premier white glove delivery service in the US. Nowadays, the solution has developed into a customizable industry-leading platform provided to the companies throughout the U.S. The software is highly appraised among logistics companies as the one bringing substantial improvements to their operations.

Client Goal

Deliveright wanted to create a delivery software solution to power the white glove delivery services by improving the speed and the quality of operations and minimizing potential loses. The software had to offer the functionality for drivers, warehouse staff and the client.

Business Challenge

The client`s original system required constant support and had many problems with connectivity resulting in the loss of data and system malfunctioning.

Business Solution

After a thorough analysis of the app`s performance our team decided to create 2 apps with separate fuctionality to support the business-logic of drivers and warehouses. This provided quicker support and more efficient delivery.

Our development team improved the performance with a technology calculating the optimal time for sending reports – so that they won`t get lost due to the technical problems. In general we improved the apps by these criteria: ease to use, stalibily and prevention of the data loss.





ButterKnife 8.0

Value Delivered

Having provided end-to-end mobile software development including the design and testing, we delivered the client the product that has become a crucial part of the White Glove experience. As the result this app can:

  • Instant price quotes by providing just a few pieces of information
  • All-in, transparent pricing: no receiving or inspection charges, no fuel surcharges
  • Book an order in just a few clicks
  • Real-time tracking on all orders
  • Automated scheduling of delivery, with follow-up confirmations
  • Electronic PODs provided in real-time

Related Accomplishments

The app was so successful that other delivery companies have taken notice of this delivery platform. Today, Deliveright licenses its software to companies throughout the U.S., and they report substantial improvements in their operations since they started using the software.