Delta Apparel Website Development

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Website development outsourcing and maintenance for an apparel manufacturing and distribution company

About Delta Apparel

Delta Apparel is a retail and wholesale distributor and a manufacturer of casual and athletic apparel. Via the developed online store, you can order a wide variety of products from a selection of global sportswear and lifestyle brands. To facilitate that, Digital Skynet created the digital infrastructure allowing Delta Apparel to easily manage all of the eCommerce nuances. Automation of operations such as order processing provides a better experience to both the customer and the vendor alike


Delta Apparel was our first major eCommerce website development project. The client had a website that had to be migrated from Magento 1 to a newer and more feature-rich Magento 2. This upgrade had to come hand-in-hand with the implementation of a wide range of new functionality. One of the priorities was the work with data. Its import and export had to be automated regardless of the scale of operations. We also had to develop services for the change of data packages. Along with that, we had to facilitate a method of interaction between Delta Apparel and its customers. This included such features as the ordering of goods, credit registration processing, and much more.


The work on this project involved the following tools and solutions:

MS SQL, Knockout, Vue, Magento, PHP, MySQL, JS


The lineup of professionals lending their expertise for this project consisted of:

6 dev, 1 DevOps, 1 pm

Project Result

All of the goals we initially had were successfully accomplished. We optimized the system of unloading and handling data and fine-tuned the order processing system. The tracking system from payment to delivery was also fully integrated. The business process automation we provided has streamlined a number of operations. From drawing prints on articles of clothing to data processing. We have developed a CSV Builder that makes it easier for Delta Apparel to load or add new goods to the website and work with their databases. The payment procedure was adjusted to be compliant with the PCI standard of safety as well. Even though the website is developed, Digital Skynet’s work for Delta Apparel is not over. We provide ongoing maintenance and support as well as frequent improvements and feature updates.