Desafío NFL (Blockbuster) — Facebook Game Development

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Desafío NFL was a Lego type NFL game hosted on Facebook during the 50th anyversary of the Super Bowl, created to increase in store sales.

About the Client

Blockbuster LLC, known as Blockbuster Video, was an American franchise of video stores, specializing in movie and video game rentals through physical stores, mail-order services, and video on-demand.

The Challenge

The client needed to increase sales of NFL products in its stores during the Super Bowl 50 campaign, as well as generate an online dynamic during the final game.

The Solution

It was proposed to create a 2D video game in alliance with Lego®, in which for each purchase of NFL® products and other brands of snacks in the store, a code was generated that the players could register in the video game in order to make their team win. matches. The dynamic consisted of having the player select a play, and the ball would advance until a touchdown was achieved. The player who generated the most points in the video game would win an autographed shirt of his favorite team.

  • 2D illustrations of all the players of all the teams were designed in the form of Lego® figures.
  • An illustration of Levi’s Stadium in 2D was created where the games would be played within the video game.
  • The video game was developed, as well as the online scoring dynamics and the final ranking.

The Result

We managed more than 3,000 connected players simultaneously and increased in-store sales of NFL® products in stores by 25%, and Helados Holanda® and Sabritas® products by 20%.


PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Facebook