Developing FinTech Enterprise Software

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Developing Web, iOS and Android Software for a UK FinTech Enterprise Company.

About the Client

HyperJar is a FinTech platform that reimagines finance management by providing a user with a network of mini-accounts each of which is tailored to the user’s plans, lifestyle, and relationships. All mini-accounts are connected to the same smart payment card. Such a system grants an intuitive finance-management system that helps to balance spending and adjust habits to achieve financial goals.

Challenges and Objectives

Hyperjar is not just a fintech application but a whole financial ecosystem that grants unprecedented budgeting customization on top of being a convenient banking app. A complex structure of the application required meticulous even painstaking crafting of Back End and Front End to achieve high productivity of the app and easy navigation.

Security was the other major concern during the development of Hyperjar. Therefore, we made the QA process the central pivot of our approach to ensure that Hyperjar’s defense holds and the app is “bulletproof” against malicious intentions and cyberattacks.

As follows, the top challenges included:

  • Bulletproof security
  • Flawless BE logic for speed.
  • Seamless navigation and stylish design that are not affected by complex functionality of the application.


Hyperjar is a convenient budgeting and finance-management tool, which helps monitor how and where a user spends their money. With Hyperjar, people can create virtual “jars” for different purposes (for example, groceries, lunches, Christmas presents, kids, etc.) and easily control their everyday financial habits. In addition, users obtain shared-spendings functionality that allows planning budgets and spending together with up to 30 people.


Kotlin, Swift, React


Postman, Sonar, Bitbucket, GraphQL, XCode, Android Studio, Fabric, Crashlytics