Designing the Different Application

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A tailor-made application for healthy lifestyle lovers.

For all curious readers who are fans of healthy eating, exercise, good advice, interesting news and actions, we present to you the Different app.

How the Idea Came to Life

A potential customer calls with an idea for an app. He wants it to serve as a “guide” for healthy lifestyle users – that the app contains three basic categories; healthy fare, news and healthy food actions by category (fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts). It is important to note that the client already owned the website, was active on social networks and in certain media and already had quite a high number of followers. The application was a logical sequence of events. The client decided to create an android application for the users (and the web for the administrator). After receiving a detailed specification, we started designing the application. With ongoing consultation, the app was finished and uploaded to the Google Play Store where you can find the Different app.


If we are looking for a particular food, we simply go to discounts, select the desired food category and see which stores have the same discounts. The application also offers the selection/elimination of certain retail chains (there is no Tommy in Slavonia, there is no Boso in Dalmatia). The great thing is that a user can add discounts, a store, a food category – which, of course, the administrator must approve.

Healthy News

In the news category, the user can read entertaining articles on exercise, nutrition, healthy foods and more

Healthy Map

A Healthy Map provides an overview of locations where you can find a personal trainer or a group training location. Simply allow geolocation on your phone and all of these categories will appear in your area.

Overall, a great app as evidenced by the high rating on the Google Play platform (4.9 out of 5.0).