Digital Advertising and SEO for a Gas Distribution Company

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Increasing online sales using Google Ads and SEO together


OIB is a company that distributes and delivers gas for companies and households in Zagreb and Split, Croatia.


OIB contacted our agency in order to grow their online sales and improve their SEO. Specifically, its goals were to:

  • grow the number of online orders for its products on its website, and
  • implement SEO for keywords linked to gas delivery.


Google Ads Campaigns

We launched two separate Google Ads campaigns. One was focused on the Zagreb area, the other on the Split area. The campaigns reached their desired KPIs.

Our ads were displayed 72% more than competitors’ ads, with 79% being the search’s absolute top impression rate.

Website Migration

In order to enable easier and faster modification of content on OIB’s website, we migrated the whole website to a WordPress CMS.

We also enabled users to make orders via WhatsApp and SMS messages, which was recognized as a great benefit among users.

Finally, we strategically selected the domain ( and did a migration to that domain in order to achieve better SERP rankings.


In order to achieve better SERP rankings for OIB, we tailored the content to specific keywords. We had users’ intentions in mind, which is why we adjusted the content in a way that helped them get the answers to their questions.

We also helped OIB get 3 strong backlinks, from pages with highly regarded local authority, given that the company only operates locally. This helped OIB gain credibility and it contributed even further to its SERP rankings.

Within 6 months, the website positioned first on SERP rankings for 7 keywords related to gas delivery, including the keyword “gas delivery”. This resulted in a 46% increase in organic traffic and a 22% increase in organic conversions.