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Digital Assets Power Play is the world’s first infinitely scalable crypto trading hub.

Empowering Crypto Traders

Digital Assets Power Play Ltd. is the leading developer of algorithmic trading tools, services, and software. Their goal is to empower crypto traders by simplifying the trading process and allowing anyone to trade like a professional using their tools for algorithmic strategy creation.

Innovative Algorithmic Trading

After successfully completing their Initial Coin Offering, Digital Assets Power Play approached us with their whitepaper. They tasked us with a year-long project of creating the core for their crypto trading platform, the DataStreams system that had to analyze market data, find correlations and discover trading opportunities from hundreds of exchanges and thousands of markets in real time.

13 Key Modules Built Around Kafka®

We created the entire Digital Assets Power Play trading platform as 13 advanced modules built to work fully on their own, as well as in a system. All those modules are connected and communicate with each other through Kafka®, a stream-processing software serving as a data-transferring core of the Digital Assets Power Play platform.

All-Round Redundancy

To make sure the platform performs at peak efficiency and that all information is available to users at a moment’s notice, multiple instances of the same module are deployed into the platform. Some modules are even multiplied within the platform more than 100 times to ensure user and data scalability.

Infinitely Scalable Platform

Digital Assets Power Play platform needs to support an infinite increase in the number of users as well as data sources. That makes vertical scaling and adding additional modules impossible because of the limitations in available hardware’s processing power. By building all modules around Kafka®, we enabled new modules to connect horizontally instead of vertically and made the platform infinitely scalable.

108 Exchanges, 2,921 Currencies, 16,923 Markets

The basis of the project was to create a platform that would serve as a single hub for crypto traders with all the information and trading options they need in one place. In order to accomplish that, the Digital Assets Power Play platform was built to gather information from all major exchanges, cryptocurrencies, and markets.

AI-Powered Trading

As the goal of the entire project is to simplify crypto trading for all users, the Digital Assets Power Play platform takes advantage of progressive artificial intelligence models. These AI models enable the platform to find correlations within analyzed data and provide users with market predictions.

No Delay, No Downtime

Providing large amounts of real-time data to users is a crucial element of algorithmic trading platforms. By building all modules around Kafka® that acts as a central data highway, we enabled the platform to do it with surgical precision and zero downtime, regardless of the data that needs to be collected, analyzed and delivered.

35.3 Million Data Messages per Day

Within the platform, users have access to a variety of advanced trading options and information, such as ticks, L1/L2 order books, candles, technical indicators, indices, sentiment, crypto news, and predictive models. All available in real time. When coupled with a large number of data sources, the platform makes approximately 1.6 million database messages per hour which result in 1 terabyte of data transferred per day.

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