Digital Catapult Brand Identity and Guardianship

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Growing the UK economy through digital innovation.


Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre.

They run government-funded initiatives and mentorship programmes that aim to drive the early adoption of digital technologies to make UK businesses more competitive to grow the UK economy.

Digital Catapult is part of a wider Catapult group of centres set up by the government to transform the UK’s capability for innovation. Digital Catapult specialises in promoting and supporting three areas of advanced digital technology; Future Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive across the creative and manufacturing industries. In each of these technology areas, Digital Catapult provides facilities, supports research, connects corporations and runs innovation programmes.


  • Build and establish Digital Catapult as the number one place for digital start-ups and scale-ups
  • Increase applications through programme websites


  • Collaborative working relationship on all programmes and events
  • Provide support and guidance for Digital Catapult’s internal design team
  • Inject creativity and innovation to increase awareness


  • Supported and advised on over 40 projects in 2019
  • Increased uptake and visibility of initiatives and programmes

Accelerating Beyond Our Remit

Over the past five years, we have built a trusted relationship with the team at Digital Catapult, becoming their key brand partner. Our remit is wide-ranging, from visual identity creation, user experience workshops and partnership endorsement guidance, through to brand review sessions helping to define the future work to be done on the Digital Catapult and programme brands.

Programme Brand Identities

We work with the marketing team to create individual programme identities that reflect each programme’s offering and work hard to drive applications. Each identity needs to feel relevant to the specific audience group and, in some cases, work with external programme partners such as Arts Council England.

With each identity, we’ve provided the full suite of brand assets, guidance, and event collateral, as well as leading on microsite design and build. The success of the first identity creation, Augmentor, has led to successive programme identity projects.


Augmentor is a mentorship programme for digital start-ups developing innovative and commercially-focused augmented and virtual reality products.

A simple, abstract visual aesthetic is used through collateral, aiming to create a sense of excitement and intrigue. The flexible one-page site allows the marketing team to change, add or remove sections throughout the stages of the programme, from application process to final investor pitch.

Machine Intelligence Garage

Machine Intelligence Garage gives businesses and start-ups access to the computation power they need to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, providing creators with a platform for experimentation along with a supportive network of expertise and knowledge.

With an aim to make Machine Learning appear more approachable and human, vibrant colours are combined with people imagery. The ‘building block’ graphics nod to the programme’s parent brand, Digital Catapult, but also signify development, encouragement, and progression to reflect the nature of the programme.


Launched jointly by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England, CreativeXR bridges the gap between immersive tech and immersive content.

Creative takes inspiration from the three-dimensional nature of immersive technologies – letterforms are manipulated into exaggerated perspectives to create confident, vibrant and ownable graphics and animations with depth.


Creative Sector Lead, Digital Catapult