Digital Solutions That Aid Ocean Conservation

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Moana Pasifika is a digital platform developed by The Gray Bear’s design and development experts.

About Project

The climate we are living in is undergoing massive changes owing to the increasing water pollution and degrading condition of the oceans. The condition is only getting worse with every passing day; therefore, there is a requirement for a solution that aids this need. Moana Pasifika is a project that aims to fulfill this vision by creating a platform for ocean conservation.

This project aims to create a better future for the world by spreading awareness for ocean conservation and preservation. The fundamentals of this platform are to create a digital aquarium (sanctuary), spread awareness regarding ocean degradation, facilitate a network for promoting indigenous Pasifika voices, and aid the prevention of global climate change.

Project Objectives

The core objective of developing this platform revolves around creating a better ecosystem that facilitates the protection of ocean bodies from ongoing degradation. The project aims to achieve this objective by creating a social community of ocean conservationists and bringing them closer to each other.

This virtual community of ocean conservationists can donate for the cause and undertake ocean protection.

Challenges We Faced

Avoid Overlapping Virtual Sanctuaries

The users can create a virtual sanctuary at any ocean body visible on the map and add elements (sanctuary icons) to it. However, it can be troublesome if the sanctuaries of two users overlap each other. As a result, there is a need to find a solution that avoids this from happening.

Adding High-end Motion Graphics

Merely adding sanctuary icons to the sanctuary isn’t enough. It is equally important to ensure that the elements are animated and are functioning well to deliver a high-end and consistent experience to the platform users.

Our Solutions

We used the latest technology and our years of expertise in development to seamlessly deliver up to our client’s requirements.

In order to avoid overlapping of virtual sanctuaries, we integrated the platform with Google Maps API and set a definite radius. This ensured that no two sanctuaries are overlapping or are too close to each other.

Moreover, to give a realistic appearance to the sanctuary icons, we used dynamic motion graphics technology and added top-notch GIFs and animation. This also ensured that the icons looked realistic when placed next to each other.

Final Results

Owing to the use of high-end technology and a strong implementation plan, we were able to deliver a high-quality platform that fulfilled our client’s needs. At the present time, Moana Pasifika is one of the most well-recognized platforms for ocean conservation and protection.

One can use this platform to create a virtual sanctuary, socialize with people interested in guarding the ocean and even donate to the cause. Moreover, one can get the latest updates on what’s happening in the ocean and even support the cause by shopping for items from the platform.

The platform is available in the form of a web app and mobile app and offers seamless performance to the users. The web application is developed with Laravel framework and PHP language to create a robust back-end and ensure maximum functionality. On the other hand, the mobile app is developed using Flutter technology and can be used across all OS platforms. Ultimately, we successfully delivered solutions that fulfilled the client’s requirements using high-end graphics and top-notch APIs.