Digital Transformation for French Language Courses: 180% Increase in Sales

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How can a small company stand out in a highly competitive market and in the midst of a major crisis? Find out what makes us different.


S.L. Immersion is a company that offers French immersion courses in France and online courses. We started with them in 2018, and back then they had only a WordPress website with many problems and a poor design. It had a weak online presence. All administrative and commercial tasks were done manually, which meant hours of unnecessary work.


The Challenge

The market for language courses, both online and abroad, is highly competitive and has reached a level of maturity that makes it very difficult to achieve sustainable growth.

In addition, it also competes with complementary products, such as language learning apps, and suffers from the intrusion of unqualified teachers who reduce the profit margin of the sector.

Our mission was to position S.L. Immersion in this difficult market, and to do so we would have to use creativity and all available technology to make things work on a lower budget than other competitors.


The Strategy

We were faced with the need to make the company competitive on 3 fronts: improving their website, their Internet promotion, and automating management tasks so they could spend more time on marketing.

On the one hand, we completely redesigned their website to make it a more attractive, user-friendly and updatable showcase for their courses.

On the other hand, we implemented a tailor-made web promotion strategy together with their team so that they could achieve sustainable growth on the web at a lower cost. The whole strategy has been focused on content marketing, search engines and social networks, without any advertising investment.

At the same time, we implemented a CRM and complementary applications that allowed them to automate a large part of their administrative and commercial tasks, which made possible a more efficient, fast and satisfactory service for their clients.

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The Results

By February 2020, S.L. Immersion had increased its sales by more than 180%. But the Pandemic was a catastrophe for the travel industry, including the language travel industry. The company had to adapt quickly to focus more on online learning during that period.

But interest in learning French has not waned since then, and they have been able to survive during this period thanks to online courses. They are already starting to reach pre-crisis levels of growth with new immersion courses, through a steady increase in sales and customer acquisition, with almost 160% growth in web users, 190% growth in search engines and over 500% growth in social networks.