Discover How A Law Firm Used Google Ads To Grow Their Business By 54%

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What projects were launched as part of the strategy?

A leading law firm from Bucharest came in 2014 and asked Today’s Agency to help with Google Ads and build a solid online presence.

The experienced office provides legal services at the highest level for more than 10 years. It has several lawyers and offers a wide range of legal services.

How was the strategy formed

When we start a new collaboration with a client we have a meeting for about an hour where we discuss and write down our clients needs and expectations.

The account manager of this account participates at the meeting in order to get to know the client and strengthen the bond between agency and client. In this case, we noticed that the law firm is a client who likes to be informed over the account on a weekly basis so we adapted to our clients’ needs.

Where strategic decisions made based on your experience and expertise, competitive research?

After we discuss with our clients we know what services or products they want us to focus on, we know their strengths and their competition, but we also do research to get to know their market.

Then we make a detailed list of what we want to promote in our campaigns and start working on the ads. After we complete the creative setup we forward it to our clients for their approval.

What projects were launched as part of the strategy?

We now have 7 campaigns active but during our collaboration over the years we had more than double. We monitor our clients’ accounts on a weekly basis and we always find ways to improve our strategy and raise our clients’ profits.

What was the most successful project?

Our most successful campaign brought a staggering amount of 7494 conversions. The secret to our success is that we put ourselves in our client’s customer’s shoes.

We try to think like a customer: what searches we would make, what keywords we would use, what is it important for a customer to see in the ads?

Were there any unexpected issues that we overcame?

The issue with this account is that the competition is fierce and the cost/conversions is high, that is why we came up with several ideas, ad groups and campaigns to try to overcome this issue.

Did we refine the strategy to improve results?

As we monitor the account on a regular basis, we always optimize the account but besides this, we also have audits with the rest of the PPC specialists in the agency. It’s good to have another pair of eyes looking at the campaigns and come up with other ideas.

We are good at what we do but we don’t know our clients’ business as well as he does. Therefore, we talk to our clients as often as we can to ask for feedback, what customers say or what they are looking for. Feedback is always good in our work.

How did we and the client work together?

We send to the law firm weekly updates and there is a lot of collaboration. They like to receive weekly news regarding their google account but each of our clients is different, and we adapt to their needs.

We usually send monthly reports to our clients and have regular meetings with them but they can always call us and set other appointments.

What did you learn during the engagement?

The lawyer’s office from Bucharest is one of our oldest clients. We are proud that we managed to have great results together. Since 2013 we grew together and we learned together.

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