Dropps: Eco-Friendly, Plastic-Free Laundry Pod Detergents

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We worked with Dropps to grow their website volume by 320% and decrease their Customer Acquisition Cost by 30%.

About the client

Dropps is an eCommerce company producing and selling eco-friendly and plastic-free laundry pod detergents. Dropps are present on the US market and their business model revolves around the laundry pods being eco-friendly and suitable for customers looking at a more environmentally and skin-friendly detergent.

Our Work

Our work with Dropps started in April of 2019. After doing an audit of their Facebook and Google advertising, we determined that we will be able to make adjustments and improve their advertising results.

The Dropps team was responsible for the visuals and copy used in their Facebook advertising, while we did campaign bidding and ad adjustments.

On Google ads, our team was responsible for both the ad-copy and the biffing strategies.

In February of 2020, Dropps raised $16M in A-series funding, and in June of 2020, they took the Facebook advertising duties in-house. We remain working on their Google advertising and work within their budget.

During our work with Dropps, we’ve worked closely with their team and weekly briefings were done on the performance of their campaigns. During these meetings, we held regular updates and presented future adjustments to their campaigns in order to align with their KPIs.

Our results

After 12 months of working on this account, we saw:

  • 320% volume growth on Dropps website
  • 30% decrease in overall Customer Acquisition Cost