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Since launching with AdQuantum the language-learning app Easy Ten has increased the number of trial accounts by 800%.


Easy Ten is a mobile app for learning foreign languages with 2.5 million users worldwide. The key markets currently are Russia and Brazil. The app can be used to learn 7 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. Although it is simple at first glance it is packed with current learning mechanics and memorizing techniques. The user must learn only 10 new words a day! It’s as easy as that, the Easy Ten way!

  • 14K+ daily active users
  • #17  education on App Store;
  • 6M+ downloads worldwide


  • Increase the number of trial users across several different GEOs. Easy Ten’s primary targets in November 2017 were: The United States, Brazil, Russia and Turkey with other countries across Europe and Latin America to follow in the future.
  • This growth subsequently leads to an increase in the paid users.


  1. We started working in November 2017 with the CPA model on a small budget. At first, our goal was to estimate average cost of the trial.
  2. While testing we’ve defined the top-revenue GEOs for the client and increased the volumes.
  3. The next step was to find top-performing creatives. We’ve tested more than 40 creatives and saved 4 best of them. As a result, we boosted the number of trials multiple times.

Due to this result and working with client hand in hand we’ve changed the payout model to payment for subscription.


AdQuantum started to work with Easy Ten in November 2017 on a CPA model based on trials.

  • The number of trial accounts increased by 9 times from November ’17 to April ’18
  • Revenue increased by 1.5 times
  • During this period we’ve tested more than 40 different banners and found top 4 creatives

“We’ve been working with AdQuantum for more than a year. During this time AQ became our key partner efficiency of agency is always determined by the professionalism and individual approach to each case.” —Dmitry Zaryuta, Founder & CEO Easy Ten.