Eco Baltia Vide – Website, Animation & Mobile App Design Development

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Bright helped Eco Baltia Vide communicate better with their clients, providing multiple digital services.

Eco Baltia Vide provides the widest range of environmental management services to individuals and companies in Latvia. To help them better communicate with their clients, Bright provided multiple digital services.

What we did

Website development

Bright created a new, intuitive webpage, based on the graphic identity of Eco Baltia Vide as well as modern design trends, of course, and not forgetting, a user-friendly responsive view. In the new Eco Baltia Vide webpage, everyone can not only discover the company’s wide range of offers and vacancies but also electronically apply to various services by online banking authorization.

Bright took professional photographs both in the studio and in the environment, providing a new webpage with a high-quality visualization of information.

Mobile app design development

The Eco Baltia application provides clients with different sorts of information in a simple and convenient way. In the application, authorised users can find data about contracts, schedules of household waste management and can also apply for additional services or contract changes.

To make the application visually attractive and easy to navigate, Bright provided UX research, wireframe development and design services. Based on research, we created wireframes for the applications and later on provided full design development. Afterward, we adapted the design to the graphical identities of several Eco Baltia group companies: Eco Baltia Vide, JUMIS and Eko Kurzeme.

Animation development

Eco Baltia Vide uses video materials regularly in communication with customers, thereby quickly, easily, and comprehensively informing them of their topics.

To communicate effectively and clearly in the digital environment about switching contracts in Riga in spring 2020, Bright created a number of video materials for Eco Baltia Environment. Bright provided scenario and text development, design, video recording, animating, and sound assembly.

Social media management

Bright developed a social network strategy based on the theory of Mintzberg 5P, which allowed easy planning of Facebook’s communications in the future and effectively monitoring the results.

Within the framework of the definition of the strategy, there are clear strategic pathways for achieving both the Eco Baltia Vide and the digital objectives, addressing the activities of competing companies and the results achieved in numbers. Bright achieved that at the beginning of 2019, the company could boost the engagement rates and a high number of followers, compared with its competitors.

To reach a wider audience, Bright’s team diversified the content of the Eco Baltia Vide Facebook account not only through daily scourges and contests but also tests and videos of interesting content. Displaying instructions for giving waste a second life established a series of scourges with useful waste sorting tips and responded to follower issues in both public comments and private.