Edoque Premium Food Delivery Service

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Edoque is a modern food tech service that relies on speed, detailed analytics, and mobile website traffic.

The majority of Edoque’s traffic is through Instagram. Social networks form the backbone of Edoque’s business. Consequently, the company required a stable, fast, and intuitive mobile-friendly website.

Project Features

The previous implementation of the Edoque website didn’t provide sufficient speed or responsiveness.

Project Tasks

  • Reduce the number of steps in the ordering process;
  • Increase interface speed;
  • Optimize the website’s mobile version.

Solution: Concept

We simplified the user interface to make ordering clear, easy, quick, and intuitive. Buttons were emphasized with color, and product photos added. The result is a bright, vivid website alive with appetizing photos of Edoque’s enticing produce.

Visual Concept

The heart of our concept was an Indiana Jones spirit of adventure, hunting the world for fruit as if the fruit were the treasure.

This atmosphere of discovery and adventure was shown through hand-drawn, vintage illustrations conveying a huge love of fruits and vegetables.

Solutions: UX/UI

Every detail of the system was considered, including future development. However, we didn’t just draw beautiful pictures. We used multiple layouts to determine which ones best-influenced user behavior.

Mobile Version

We simplified the card system so more products were visible on the screen. The bottom panel — with its list of selected products – is now always at the bottom, and you can return to the list any time while viewing cards.

Product Catalog and Basket

We have simplified the issue of cards in the catalog, so more products could be visible on the screen. We also fixed the bottom panel with a list of selected products – it always stays at the bottom, and you can return to the list any time while viewing cards.


The website was implemented as a web application (SPA) based on vue.js. The client-side interacts with the server through an API. Our client can develop the product further independently of the server.

The architecture of the web application allows the modification of client and server parts independently.

Future Benefits

1. The website is ready for the development of a mobile app.
2. Quick implementation of changes


The Edoque team is sophisticated and understands its business and the importance of client communication. Quick feedback allowed for quick iterative changes and, as a result, we developed an excellent product that is equally technologically sophisticated and will easily accommodate new functionality as the need arises.