Embacy Originals: Black

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The new original project is all about the color black.

Embacy created an original project about the color black. The idea was born from the corporate culture of Embacy itself.

The original project is thematically divided into ten small parts. These ten parts tell their own story about the color black: the color of space, the color of mystery, the color of fashion, the color of sophistication, the color of cinema, the color of print, the color of power, the color of day-to-day, the color of fear, and the color of rebellion. Each part presents different artworks, photographs, and animated images.

One of the central visual elements is a 3D model of a black cube on the first page. The 3D-cube is placed on a black background. The idea behind this was to apply the art technique of black on black.

For the project, Embacy used a neo-Grotesk sans-serif font Aeonic. It is minimalist and eye-catching at the same time. As far as the major color of the project is black, it was important to choose a font that would be user-friendly.