Embr Wave Partnership

Bozka Design
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Embr Wave is a bracelet developed by MIT alumni, that improves the user’s temperature4 comfort.

About the Partnership

Our collaboration with Embr Lab, the company that produces Embr Wave, started a few years ago. When the startup was in the early stages of finding investment, we assisted them in the creation of presentation materials.

In 2018 we started working with the Embr Wave team again but in a different role. They needed to make some changes and modifications to the app’s UI and UX. We were responsible for adding a new feature for the heating/cooling modes customization, as well as multiple smaller modifications.

The Process

When working on Embr Labs’ project we applied user testing and user interview as the research method, besides the quantitative analysis collected by Embr Labs

Equipped with the results we were receiving from the research: we adjusted our design solutions for the user interface of even the UX flow to get perfect results.

Besides that, one of our responsibilities was communicating with the development team and help to overcome the implementation challenges.