EMS2Go | Pickup and Delivery Apps | A Solution to Streamline Kenyan Pickup and Delivery Service

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Build a comprehensive mobile application that aid the public with placing an order for pick up and delivery and track the same until delivered.

About the Project

Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) is the most accessible, affordable, effective and time- tested communications platform in Kenya with a total of 623 outlets spread across the country. As part of the enhancement program, PCK wanted to build a comprehensive Mobile Application that aid the public with placing an order for pick up and delivery, track and trace package through delivery route, schedule pick up and drops and, review the driver once the delivery is completed. With a mission to make their service superlative and offer the highest satisfaction to customers, Postal Corporation of Kenya chose AlignMinds as a competent partner for developing their next-generation pickup and delivery app.

The Solution

The pickup and delivery solution developed by our team had mainly three components,  an iOS and Android Mobile Applications for consumers, Android app for delivery staff and a web-based Admin System. The web-based backend interface helped the staff of PCK to manage users, manage orders, manage delivery vehicles and manage drivers. Our team bundled the product with powerful features like user authentication, payment system, automatic allocation of orders, tracking of orders and facility to review the driver.

The major technologies we used to build this next generation pickup and delivery solution included NodeJS, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS and React Native.

The Results

EMS2Go, a door-to-door Pick-Up and Delivery mobile application, is currently helping thousands of Kenyans with placing orders for pick up and delivery and tracking the same until delivered. This real-time pickup/delivery system has aided the registered drivers to fulfil their orders more efficiently. The backend system enabled the Postal Corporation of Kenya to have full control of their operations and helped them with making their pickup and delivery service more accessible, economical, and error-free in addition to making the whole service a pleasant experience for their customers.