Engaging Emmi’s Consumers

Appetite Creative
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Designing an interactive online quiz that would educate Emmi’s customers.


Emmi wanted to be one of the first on the market to engage with consumers digitally, whilst also educating their key audience about the benefits of their range and their new Emmi good day milk drink.


We created an interactive online quiz that would educate customers on the benefits of Emmi’s products. Customers could enter the quiz by using their mobile phones to scan a unique, one-time-use QR code.

Each pack has a unique QR code, giving Emmi access to an array of information including which variety from the range was scanned and time and location of the scan, helping facilitate additional customer data collection. The one-time-use QR code helped Emmi engage with individual customers with a view to understanding them better and provide some indication of proof of purchase.


Using Emmi’s design, we built a responsive mobile web app and a fully responsive WordPress site that works across all screen sizes, with comprehensive site hosting. Our interactive quiz solution proved particularly effective for user engagement, while the data collection solution we created was integrated into the company’s cloud system.

The average time spent on the quiz page linked to Emmi’s website was 2:13 mins with an impressive quiz completion rate of 94%, simultaneously helping to educate consumers and raise the profile of the Emmi good day milk drink.

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