Enhanced Finance Analytics Platform for Analist

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Analist, a professional financial analytics company wanted to transform its existing website into a publishing platform for many countries.

About the Client

Analist is a financial analytics company based in the Netherlands. Analist provides complete information about European and US financial markets, such as free overviews on reputable banks stocks and tips on how to manage them.


We analyzed the old website’s architecture and found that it was much better to deliver a new one from scratch. The main issue was PHP code written without any framework, which is a huge pain for many aged PHP-based websites.

We decided to use Ruby on Rails that exactly matched our task.

So the product backlog had the following epics:

  • Conversion of old PHP/MySQL-based website
  • A multi-domain publishing platform
  • An advanced web-presence
  • A high-powered “Pro Section”


1. Completely revised the existing structure and migrated the old database from PHP to Ruby on Rails.

2. Created a multi-domain solution based on Ruby on Rails, with basic and pro-sections. The solution currently supports 9 websites in 9 European countries and is fully localized, including URL names.

3. Main functionality created: Stocks pricing with filters, News, Reports, Admin part, Subscription-based part.


The outcome succeeded all expectations. The Analist team witnessed platform attendance growth. Moreover, website visitors have noticed its improved usability, clarity and enhanced information content.

  • Rapid SaaS solution with paid-up membership delivered
  • Typical server response decreased to 100-150 ms
  • Continuously updated and easy-to-use website
  • Powerful CMS and Admin area integrated
  • Works for both beginners and major players of the financial market

We collaborate with Analist team on an ongoing basis, supporting the delivered solution and helping grow and prosper.