Enhancing Pre-Construction Sales with Immersive Virtual Tours

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Enhancing property sales through immersive virtual tours, transforming buyer engagement and expediting pre-construction sales.

The Project

The property developer (PMC Inzenjering) aimed at the pre-sale of a complex containing 470 residential apartments before the construction phase commenced.

The Challenge

Prospective property buyers had difficulty visualizing the under-construction real estate project solely from plans or limited photos. This lack of a tangible feel for the space led to frustration during browsing. Property developers encountered inefficiencies in sales processes, marked by high costs and underwhelming presentations.

The Solution

From the client-provided 2D plans, sections, and finishing materials, our team developed immersive virtual tours tailored precisely to the property developer’s specifications. These tours enabled potential buyers to digitally explore the apartments, offering a lifelike and interactive experience accessible from their own space, eliminating the need for physical site visits.

The Result

The implementation of these immersive virtual tours yielded significant outcomes.

  • Increased buyer interest due to a better understanding of apartments.
  • Quicker sales, even before construction, indicating a high demand.
  • Positioned the property developer uniquely in the market with an innovative sales approach, setting them apart from their competitors.