Eurogate Logistics-Apps

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Container Terminal and Trucker logistics coordinated and optimized with mobile apps.

Eurogate is a container terminal with more than 14 terminals in Europe. Their strategy is to optimize the existing logistics process by using modern mobile technology and applications. For example one of more than 6 apps we have developed for Eurogate is the TRoad app for truckers for simpler and more efficient tour coordination.

With Eurogate TRoad, truck drivers can directly accept and plan their tours. With this app, the terminal operator Eurogate replaces inefficient phone and radio dispatch communications, allows admission to the container terminal without leaving the vehicle and directs drivers towards the right loading terminal.

  • Assign tours to truckers and wait for confirmation
  • Daily overview of all active and pending tours
  • Availability-reporting and absence planning
  • Routing in the Terminal area with iBeacons
  • Sending photos and further information about tours to disposition