EventOPlanner Platform Development

SSA Group
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EventOPLanner is SaaS offering a module kit that allows users to create a custom app within a few days and manage its content.

About the Client

Our client is a leading IT services agency based in the Netherlands that provides custom mobile apps to companies involved in event organizing to streamline and optimize processes within their businesses.

The company is currently covering the market of mobile apps for event organizers across the Netherlands and is working towards expanding its presence in Belgium, Portugal, France, and Germany.

The Problem

In order to expand their market share and attract new customers, willing to have own custom mobile apps for events management, our client was in search of a unique solution. They required a digital platform that would enable rapid development and deployment of mobile applications capable of supporting events of various complexity.


  • Information management
  • People management
  • Agenda updates
  • Communication challenges
  • Time management
  • Lack of interaction
  • Lack of insights into participants
  • Marketing challenges


The SSA Group team came up with an idea to create a universal and user-friendly platform that would enable organizations to have own custom mobile apps for events management. The digital platform was expected to allow rapid development and deployment.