Everchain Software Development Kit for Guarda Wallet

Evercode Lab
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Evercode Lab team needed to quickly develop 4 crypto wallets capable of receiving, storing, buying, exchanging, and sending 4 popular crypto assets.

The Everchain Software Development Kit by Evercode proved itself as a reliable tool with great prospects in our partnership with the Guarda team. It made it possible for us to build 4 wallets expediently and quickly.

“We at Guarda needed a reliable blockchain developer as we were launching our project. The Evercode team quickly developed 4 wallets for us: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Gold. They were all based on Android and intended to be used to receive, store, buy, exchange, and send these popular crypto assets

Our key requirements were as follows: the wallets were to be simple and convenient to use on the one hand, and offer a high level of security on the other hand.

Evercode Lab delivered these blockchain solutions successfully.”

Artem Kirillov, COO at Guarda

Project Details

  • RELEASE OF ALL APPS: 4 months
  • LAUNCH: 2017

Project Task

  • Simplicity and convenient interaction with the crypto wallets
  • High-security level while working with wallets

Solutions Delivered

Every Guarda wallet has a similar interface, both intuitive and minimalistic. The Evercode Lab, with the customer team, did our best to build some apps with no information noise at all. So, we left a small number of texts and prompts after the first round of testing.

Our plan from the very outset was to make the crypto wallets universal, i.e. ‘exhaustive’ and all-inclusive in their functionality.

At the first stage, we integrated the cryptocurrency exchanges we needed via the Changelly.com API. When a user requests an exchange, we generate a hidden deposit address, through which the exchange transaction takes place. This function turned out to be extremely helpful for users, which pushed us to the second step.

We mean built-in card purchases through a reliable bank and with a minimum commission. Buying a crypto asset for Fiat is a top priority for most users, especially newbies. Therefore, we solved this problem and are very proud of this function.

Then we provided the users with the most important choice: that of a transaction sending model.

All the crypto wallets created by us do not store and do not process the funds of users on the server. All private data is stored in the local storage and can only be obtained on the client-side. Transmission of transaction data occurs over encrypted connections. Guarda’s wallets look much like a good mobile bank.