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A lively brand identity and packaging design solution for a wellness and supplement brand launching into the Norwegian market.

The Challenge

Evige is bringing gluten-free, vegan, all-natural dietary supplement gummies to the Norwegian market.

In Australia, these type of gummies are the go-to vitamins for a large portion of consumers but Norway doesn’t have such an offer. The objective was to create a fun, vibrant supplement brand aimed primarily at adults. to be launched into the Scandinavian market.

The flagship range of products, Vital Gummies, consists of 8 kinds of vitamin gummies that target all sorts of health needs for men, women, and kids too.

As the brand was launching into an international market, it was important for Percept to create a distinct tone of voice for the brand identity that would translate across cultures.

The Solution

The all-natural ingredients in Evige Vital Gummies are what gives this product its edge. To introduce their product to the Norwegian market, Evige needed a brand identity with bounce and energy, plus a packaging design solution that embodied the personality of their brand.

With a bright, bold colour palette, a splash of food photography and a dash of illustration we created a brand identity and packaging design system that captures the verve and vigour Evige wants to bring to people’s lives. Squeeze more out of every day.

The Evige master brand logo literally bounces while the Vital Gummies logo is inspired by the shape of the gummies themselves.

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