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Execruit is a talent acquisition company, originally established in Switzerland, but now serves globally. They focus on delivering executive search services to brands and businesses in the market for new, qualified, and exceptional talent within the life sciences, technology and professional services industries.

The Brief

We saw that Execruit lacked a digital strategy, namely in PPC advertising, as most traffic to the site was branded. The organisation was hesitant to start with their social media presence, and with many people taking to the job search through more social means, this meant that they had been falling behind their competitors. Our digital marketing experts were eager to get started and push the boat out with Execruit through raising their online visibility and driving traffic to their website.

Social Media Advertising & Setup/Configuration

As part of their digital marketing strategy, our client wanted us to set up social media advertising. As LinkedIn Ads seemed the most appropriate choice, we began to create the copy and set up the adverts posthaste. Our LinkedIn advertising efforts saw Execruit receive a good number of leads in a relatively short period of time, all thanks to our attention-grabbing creatives, copy and detailed audience targeting.

Social media marketing was a big part of Execruit’s digital marketing plan and, alongside pay-per-click advertising on social media, we set up their Instagram account and optimised their social media profiles, too. Through reviewing profile images, bios, hashtag research, competitor analysis and tag lines, we were able to draw in a higher number of profile views and even drive more traffic to the site from social media platforms.


Aside from their brand-new website, Execruit didn’t have much presence online, on social media or via email marketing. Many businesses within the recruitment industry tend to have a social media presence as well as regular email newsletters to show recent vacancies and their capabilities, so we quickly identified this to be a missed opportunity for our client.

Our priority was to concentrate on Execruit’s email marketing campaigns. Our content marketing experts researched the industry and pulled together some ideas for content as well as a bespoke layout of how the email should look to add value to the Execruit clientele. Our designer friends over at Prototype Creative got involved with the design and build and we were away. Content was written to match the tone of voice of the Execruit brand, as were imagery and colours.

Alongside their email marketing campaigns, Bite Digital also created content for their social media posts. We knew the tone of voice and how the posts should come across, we wanted Execruit to look professional and formal when posting on social media. We crafted social media posts that generated engagement from their core audience, pushed staff towards industry thought leader status, and gave them an edge over their competitors’ social media presence.

Technical SEO

After conducting an initial audit of the Execruit website, we discovered quite a lot of technical SEO issues, some of which were harmful to their site health and SERP ranking. Bit by bit, we began to work on reducing these and trying to make the website as SEO friendly as possible. We corrected title tags, duplicate metadata, broken internal links and more. As we worked our way through this area of the digital marketing strategy, we saw their site health increase alongside internal linking, crawlability, and performance in the search engine results pages.

Results Summary

Execruit’s social media marketing strategy saw a huge increase in traffic to their website from social platforms, a 131.67% rise, month-on-month. Alongside this, we saw an overall increase of 243% in website traffic.